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きっと勝つ-Kit Kat, Definite Victory
Thursday, 22 September 2011 | posted by Simply bakes

Dear readers, The post today is not baking related but life related. Today i learnt about something really meaningful on life and i wish to share it with you guys. It really touched my heart and i am sure it will for you too:) So take a break from baking, and reflect your life for now. :)

There was Japanese class today. And today, would be the last lesson of the year before the End Of Years Examinations Kick in. To end off the lesson, my sensei (teacher in Japanese) decided to reward all of us with a gift, a kit kat. I was still rather emotionless about it when he was giving out the Kit Kats, until he explained the significance of a Kit Kat.

In Japanese, there is a phrase which goes:

"きっと 勝つ!"

It is pronounced as Kito-Katsu which sounds exactly like Kit Kat. Try saying it over and over again, it really does sound like Kit Kat. :D  きっと(Kito) means definitely and 勝つ(Katsu) means victory or win. So if you put them together, this Japanese phrase means Definite Victory!

The reason for my teacher giving us each a kit kat, was to encourage us in persevering in our studies no matter how tough the going gets and strive to do well in our End of Years.

 As long as you work your hardest and never give up, you would surely reap success. Although it may sound cliche, but i am sure that many of you guys out there are struggling with many things too, be it studies, work, children or family. You may feel that you have hit rock bottom and are desperate to find a light at the end of the tunnel, begging for a little luck or a chance to turn back the clock, to do things you wished you have done. It is okay to feel emotional at times, and it is okay to break down. The amount of tears you shed is not a sign or prove to show how weak you are. Instead, it is a way to release all the tension you have inside of you and really let loose for the time being because it is in your own space and time to cry for yourself, it is for you to put down your burdens for now.

Someone once told me, Failure always has a way of getting us down. Not only overcoming sadness that swallows the heart, there's a voice that haunts us. When it is quiet, when you are alone. When you close you eyes, and all that comes before you are the scenes of what happened. It asks:"Why?" "What am i going to do now?" "What if i did better?". I understand how you feel but i want to say this:"It is your bridge to cross. It is up to you to let this wound become a scar. Sure, it will hurt when you realize that all this is not a dream and that you wake up every morning to the cold hard truth of realization. But you are strong and i know you'll get through this.

I believe in each and every one of you. believe in yoursef too, pick up the pieces and continue on. :)

So guys, everytime you feel down and out, have a kit kat and remember, きっと 勝つ!Keep moving on no matter what happens. Believing in yourself, coupled with will and determination and a little bit of luck, you will surely SUCCEED!

For all the people struggling in life now, i wish you ALL THE BEST. Have a KitKat!:)

With Love, Simply Bakes


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Love, SimplyBakes

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