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Baking Bites from other blogs
Friday, 16 September 2011 | posted by Simply bakes

Hello everyone:) It is a Friday today thank goodness. Thus, i decided to take some time off to blog about baking bites from other baking blogs. These are the recipes that are definitely going into my 'To-Do-List' after my exams which is about 30 days away. I really admire these bloggers who are able to make such wonderful desserts and share them with everyone. So, after looking at their motivational pictures and inspirational blogs, you might want to consider trying out their recipes too!

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake 
by Daily Delicious at http://dailydelicious.blogspot.com/2009/11/japanese-strawberry-shortcake-soft.html. In a Japanese sweets store, you will often find cakes in smaller, individual portions like these. I am definitely going to buy round cutters like the ones Daily Delicious has! The reason why Daily Delicious' blog really in amazes me is because her style of baking is more of Patisserie Style. I aim to bake patisseire style cakes just like her and name my creations in french so that they will look pretty and inviting! :)

Mont Blanc 
Mont Blanc is a Japanese dessert named after a mountain, the highest mountain in the alps. This wonderful treat revolves around chestnuts, known as marrons in french. I am definitely going to try it!

Vanilla Cupcakes 
I am very excited about the simplicity of this cupcake. Vanilla, absolutely classic. Definitely going to buy those round tips from a baking store, and stop using hand made piping bags! haha. 

Turtle Cookies 
The pictures are amazing. Look at how these cookies are so perfectly... round and big. The perfect chocolate chip cookie, warm and delectable in your mouth haha. 
Amazing Brownies
I was a huge fan of brownies before, but not so much now after i tried baking some from joyofbaking. It is my fault the result came out horrible, but ever since then, i cannot forget the defeat i felt and the unpleasant taste in my mouth especially when i held high hopes for it. Haha, i am going to try this recipe for my sister who keeps bugging me to bake some brownies for her, the chocolate monster. If i have the time, i shall answer to her request. :) Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed! 

Hokkaido Milky Loaf 
I bought a new bottle of yeast on impulse a very long time ago and up till now, i still have not used it yet. Hopefully when i try this recipe out, the yeast will still be fresh and allow the cake to rise. I looove kneading breads, don't you? I want to make this bread for my dad who always love having peanut butter spread bread in the mornings.

Recently, i have been thinking about making my own creations, like a tart or a layered cake. By adding different flavours or components, really bring about a new kind of sensation to the dessert we eat. So, look out for my baking posts after my End Of Years and leave a comment!

With Love, Simply Bakes


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I am a 16 year old living in Singapore. This blog is to document my entire baking endeavor and to share with you guys out there recipes and my baking experience. Feel free to ask me any questions, just click 'comment' below each post. Looking forward to the holidays!

Love, SimplyBakes

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