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Oreo Truffles
Wednesday, 2 November 2011 | posted by Simply bakes

Have you ever wanted to just take a shortcut in baking and yet produce wonderful results too? These truffles are exactly it! Easy and delicious. Just mix everything together and toss them in chocolate. I found this recipe at this site and wanted to make some for my friends at school. However, muddleheaded me added about twice the amount of cream cheese actually needed for the oreos. So, in the end the batter was not a stiff dough like what the video showed. I got a mushy sort of like soft cookie dough instead. 

I went ahead with it, tempered some chocolate and coated them with it. Remember to leave them at least overnight in the fridge so as to allow all the flavours to properly incorporate into each other. I found them even better with time:D  

The end result was simply divine when served chilled. It has a really rich and dense flavour of oreo and cheese, sort of like oreo cheesecake coated with chocolate. It is really rich so i suggest rolling them up into smaller balls:) My sisters really loved it even though it is not the original recipe. I think that if i have followed the recipe, the result would be impeccable. 

If you have guests coming over and you don't have enough time to whip up desserts for them, these are the best. They not only look good and expensive, they are delicious too. Dead easy, try it!

With Love, Simply Bakes

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I am a 16 year old living in Singapore. This blog is to document my entire baking endeavor and to share with you guys out there recipes and my baking experience. Feel free to ask me any questions, just click 'comment' below each post. Looking forward to the holidays!

Love, SimplyBakes

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