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I've had me rebellious days.
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 | posted by Simply bakes

Warning: this is a boring grandmother story of my life. Escape while you still can!

Hey everybody. I did something really horrible today. I made my mum really angry and upset. :( Most of the time, my mum gets angry at me either because I raised my voice at her, i was rude or because I messed up the kitchen baking. This time, I did it again. It's not the first time I left the kitchen in it's messy state overnight only to clean it the next morning. (I usually bake late at night or in the wee hours 2 3 am.)

my mum hates her kitchen messy. in fact, she can't stand anything messy. She likes the house neat and tidy. I know that I have to clean up always after I bake or suffer the unimaginable consequences. But sometimes, I get so tired I decide to sleep for a little while and wake up earlier to do the dishes. It's never the case though, I would often be woken up nby the shrill voice of my mother's instead of my alarm clock. Yeap you got it. She beat me to it. Today, she was just in a really bad mood and started scolding me and all the nasty bits. Then, her favorite phrase came:" NO more baking!" I swear, she would ban me from baking with every chance she gets. big or small, it's no more baking for me until something good miraculously happens.

Of course, the stubborn me who just can't possibly give up baking ESP when Christmas is just 4 days away, retaliated. I dislike it whenever my mum uses baking to punish me and I don't understand this tactic of hers. why when you know how I feel about baking? Haha I sound like a hopeless romantic. Anyws, in response to her words, I told her I won't stop baking and I will still continue baking for Christmas no matter what. I said it in a really small voice hoping that it wouldn't sound rude but my mum flared up still  because it was disrespectful to disobey an elder's instructions.

I don't know about other countries but for the Chinese, or for my family in case I am being too racial, the kids are raised to always obey their parent's instructions and never be rude to them. I mean I understand why my mum got so mad. I would be too if my children disrespect me in defense of his or her love for tattoos for eg. Arghh how I wish I had more self discipline and responsibility to clean up after I bake. I try many ways like cleaning as I go, be neat and orderly, but I guess trying is not good enough.

 I hate that I get more rebellious each year. I find that I don't always listen to what my mother has to say and all anymore.Don't get me wrong, not that I don't like my own freedom to think and do things that I like. In fact, I am a person who wants to do things on my own free will, the way I think I should. It's just that I don't want to upset my mother and make her disappointed in me. Because no matter what and I love her to the ends of the earth. (romantic much?) haha.

 Anyhoos I hope this storm will pass soon and I shall be waiting for the rainbow ahead:)

With Love, Simply Bakes

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I am a 16 year old living in Singapore. This blog is to document my entire baking endeavor and to share with you guys out there recipes and my baking experience. Feel free to ask me any questions, just click 'comment' below each post. Looking forward to the holidays!

Love, SimplyBakes

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