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Japanese Baked Cheesecake bars ベイクドチーズケーキ
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 | posted by Simply bakes

These photos are terrible! sorry D:
You know how everyone always says how fresh Hokkaido Milk is, which is why dairy products like Hokkaido ice cream is so darn good? I was so obsessed with that thought, thinking that if i use hokkaido cream as one of my baking ingredients, the end result would be amazing. That's why i got really excited when i finally got a chance to go to Japan last year. On the very first day in Hokkaido, i happily bought a small carton of milk from the convenience store and planned to bring it back home with me. (Oh, how naive i was.) Anyways, on the days when we were travelling from Hokkaido to Sapporo to Tokyo, you cannot imagine how frantic i was trying to keep that carton of milk safe and cool, rushing to the fridge the moment i reach the hotel. All because i wanted to make sure the milk doesn't turn bad before i reached Singapore. haha. My father kept reminding me how impractical i was and that that carton of milk wouldn't pass through Singapore's custom anyway. However i was very determined and stuck to my decisions. Through all that safeguarding and protecting looking at that carton of milk every two minutes or so, i managed to keep it till the very last day. 
 I was so excited and all i could think about was what i am going to do with that carton of milk once i got home. However in all that excitement and dread of leaving Japan, muddleheaded me left the milk in the hotel and left for Singapore. You are probably thinking how stupid i can get after all that drama of protecting that carton of milk only to end up with no milk from Hokkaido. I was truly upset and shocked though so don't judge me:( haha. Looking back, yeah the milk probably would have gone bad and it might not have gotten through customs anyway. sigh..

Okay nuff said. This cheesecake is creamy and delicious, although i couldn't get a beautiful browned top like how the original recipe looked. I have no idea why but mine din't look like the original at all! I would use plain vanilla wafers or graham crackers for the base in future cause oreos could overpower the taste of the cheesecake. This cheesecake really tastes much better stored in the fridge overnight before serving. If you choose to eat it the moment it's baked, the flavours would be very sharp and texture wise sort of bouncy? After resting in the fridge overnight, it became really smooth, dense and creamy so you got to be patient:D

With Love, Simply Bakes

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Love, SimplyBakes

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